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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Boomer 2

Boomer and I are getting to be good friends.  I set out this weekend to complete the second commission piece of Boomer for a friend. The first portrait of Boomer was a practice run for the Portrait I completed today. Boomer 2 is on a smaller scale but the same size canvas 16 x 20. It will eventually be framed in the back of a chair. See previous post for photo of chair.

The smaller scale portrait was more of a challenge. Everything was smaller so I had to break out the detail brushes. I also was more organized when mixing my colors, careful to record the color mixes, and to mix ample color for the entire portrait.  I recommend this practice because there is nothing more frustrating than not having enough paint to finish your painting and having to remix color but not being able to remember what colors you used for the perfect match.   Painful lessons learned. Also for a commissioned piece I thought it would be be wise to document my color palette in case I ever have to touch up, repair or paint another painting. 

Another difference in this painting was the addition of a mane. The reference photo for the pose didn't show the mane so I had to use alternate references to paint the mane. The coloring was a bit different in each reference because of the lighting changes and I originally painted the mane a bit too light. The owner pointed it out after seeing the progress photo so I adjusted the color. Thank goodness for technology and the convenience of sending photos in a text. Without it I would have had to make the adjustment in a later stage or after delivery. 

Another change that was made was done after I posted the finished painting to a Facebook group called Painting Friends. A group member pointed out that the horses head looked as if it were mounted and that this was less appealing.  She suggested I add some shadowing to the right to give the suggestion of the horses body. I get where she was going and after looking at it I agree. In this case it isn't going to make a difference because the painting will be framed in a smaller frame but for my own peace of mind I added a bit of shadowing.  Not much but it's better. 

Many lessons learned this go around. But the client is happy and that makes me happy. 

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